About Me

Hi there and welcome to my professional website.

I am a curious and energetic Senior Technical Writer providing technical writing and documentation services in English, French and Spanish, and here is the place where you may check out my project portfolio, take a look at my samples, or find out about my skills and experience.

In addition to my technical writing activity, I am also passionate about everything related to image, movement and aesthetics, in particular when fusing completely different fields like contemporary dance and sciences, cinema and architecture, video-games and education.

As a matter of fact most software I’ve been responsible for have been related to imaging and real-time processing, and I’ve been involved in film production as First Assistant Director since 2009.

Currently I am teaching myself the DITA specification, and I will be shortly showcasing on this website technical writing samples generated following a DITA modular approach. I invite you to visit my news page or contact me through the available contact form for up to date information on that matter.

I hope the experience is worthwhile, and I look forward to hearing from you. I love people, storytelling, science and technology, and I will always be motivated for a new project, anytime, anywhere.