tiShaders Support User Guide


About tiShaders

tiShaders are classic real-time shaders built in D’Fusion Suite software.

With tiShaders, the development of augmented reality applications with shaders using D’Fusion software is straightforward: D’Fusion users have the possibility to work with shaders compatible with Direct3D9, OpenGL and OpenGL ES 2 APIs directly from start at media export with D’Fusion Exporters and up to final deployment and runtime with D’Fusion players.

A complete description of D’Fusion Suite solftware, including shader support, is available on Total Immersion’s website.

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Project Assessment

Total Immersion’s D’Fusion Suite software supported the use of shaders developed with Direct3D9 and OpenGLx APIs but required (1) to develop one’s own shaders and (2) to manually modify exported material files in order to account for the use of shaders at runtime.

In order to easy application development and deployment with shaders using D’Fusion software, Total Immersion was about to deliver a set of shaders, called tiShaders, natively built in D’Fusion software and readily compatible with all Direct3D9, OpenGL and OpenGL ES 2 APIs.

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Mission and Responsibilities

Total Immersion required a user guide to assist D’Fusion users on the use and customization of these new D’Fusion built-in tiShaders.

Such documentation was to cover the whole D’Fusion production pipeline with tiShaders:

  • Media creation and export with tiShaders directly from Maya and 3dsMax;
  • Use and customization of tiShader during application development with D’Fusion software;
  • Application deployment with tiShaders and runtime considerations.

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Deliverables and Samples

The tiShaders Support – User Guide was delivered in MS .DOC format and it has been converted to PDF here for showcasing purposes.

Deliverable name Description Pages Audience Main role Sample
tiShaders Support Documentation
D’Fusion tiShaders Support – User Guide.doc Use and customization of Total Immersion’s D’Fusion built-in tiShaders. 36 Advance users Author View as PDF


  • Formatting and layout followed Total Immersion’s style guidelines.
  • The section accounting for tiShaders performance benchmark results was left to Total Immersion for completion. The complete, updated version is available on Satch’s developers website.

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